The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

The electoral college and voting system is confusing enough – but do you know what the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is?  The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) is an agreement among states to cast their respective electoral votes for whichever candidate wins the overall popular in a Presidential election.  The compact is not in effect however, unless the candidate that won the popular vote doesn’t already have enough electoral votes to win the election.  Here’s an example…

If Donald Trump wins the election by way of the electoral college, but gets less of the popular vote than Hillary Clinton – the states in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would give all of their votes to Hillary Clinton.  This is done to ensure that the popular vote actually determines the outcome of the election, but is not a complete failsafe.  If these states in the compact already voted for the popular vote winner, then there would be no change in the election result.

Just 10 states plus the District of Columbia have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact since it was initially drafted in 2006.  There have been questions of legality as it relates to the Constitution, as the agreement goes directly against the initial checks and balances system of the electoral college.  This pact is considered by many politicians to be a stepping stone in the path to abolish the electoral college by amendment.

Only a small number of the total states have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.  The following list of states in the NPVIC is expected to grow every election until it becomes obsolete:

This compact is relatively unknown by the American people who will participate in the electoral college system.

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