National Polls

National Polls for the 2016 Presidential Election are available from a variety of credible sources, but the results vary depending on who participates.  Poll results from Southern States traditionally show more votes for the Republican Candidate, while more Liberal facing states consistently show the Democratic Candidate winning.  Polls from individual states or regions often have less voters participating, so the sample size isn’t nearly as large as the National Polls.  While National Poll results show more voters getting involved, they aren’t necessarily as important as some of the smaller polling groups.  Here’s why…

There are just a handful of swing states that will determine who will win the 2016 Presidential Election.  Polls from these states, such as the latest Presidential poll results.

The problem is that National Polls represent the vote doesn’t count in certain cases.

Both state and National Polling requires an overseeing group of people to collect voting data from potential Presidential voters.  Polls are simply asking the question “who would you vote for President as of Today?” with the understanding that some people will change their mind prior to the election.  While debates don’t change voters minds , National Poll Results can.  Candidates will poll results showing they could potentially win the election are more likely to get support from the masses than those who don’t have any chance to get to 270 electoral votes.

Understanding how polling works is important – because most people don’t know that there are less than 1000 participants.  Does this change your opinion of the results?  It should, because that is a very small polling sample size to claim that the poll results are accurate .

Instead of limiting the number of people who can participate, we allow everyone to vote online in Presidential polls on our website.  We’ve had a lot more than 1,000 people take our poll – and when you vote online now, you can see exactly how many have cast their mock ballot online.  Our National Presidential Poll results might surprise you – vote now and see who is winning today!