Internet Polls

Internet polls for the 2016 Presidential Election are shaping the opinions of voters across the country.  Every single day, news outlets like CNN release the latest polling results from their “scientific” studies that are positioned as being accurate predictions of who will win the Presidential Election.  Unfortunately, most of these polls are conducted via telephone, or even in person – making the sample size and margin of error in polling results undefined.  Internet polls for President are able to collect more votes, and provide more accurate results when everyone can participate.

There are many different internet polls for President in 2016, and many of them collect votes more efficiently than the “official polls” that we see on TV.  Think about this – if many of the reported results come from telephone polling – where did they get the voter’s phone number from?  These polls are designed to call specific groups of people who have registered Democratic or Republican to influence the results of the polls.  If they call more democrats, Hillary is leading.  When they call more Republicans, Trump is leading.  This isn’t how polls for President on the internet are conducted though.

Internet polls like ours allow almost anyone to vote for President in our mock election online.  Because of this format, our internet poll for the 2016 election has collected far more votes than any of the results you see in the news.

We don’t make claims to be the vote online for free , so cast your ballot in our mock poll now to take part today!