2016 Presidential Endorsements

Official Presidential Endorsements for 2016 have come from politicians, celebrities, corporations, business people and seemingly just about everyone else.  The 2016 Presidential Endorsements are becoming yet another way that candidates can influence voters to cast their ballot in one direction or the other on Election Day.  But how much of a factor do Endorsements actually play in determining who will become the next President?  Perhaps more than you may expect, as we’ve seen candidates put more emphasis on their top supporters than ever before.

You don’t need to have any certain qualifications to make a Presidential Endorsement, just a big enough audience so that people will listen to you and respect your political views. Endorsing a candidate simply means that you intend to vote for them in the Presidential Election, but like politicians – many change their mind.

Some endorsements shouldn’t matter to the public as much as they do – such as celebrity political endorsements.  Those tend to be particularly biased and unfounded.  Instead, you can count on Economists and Newspapers to help you decide which candidate to vote for through their Presidential Endorsements in 2016.

News coverage of the 2016 Presidential Endorsements is at an all time high, and in many cases the media could be highlighting other parts of the election that should have more influence over voter decisions.  Do people really decide who to vote for President based off of endorsements in 2016?

Unfortunately, the answer is clearly “yes.”  Otherwise, the candidates wouldn’t spend so much time trying to win Presidential endorsements from key political figures.  Who you vote for President in 2016 shouldn’t be based off of endorsements, but if it is…

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