Ann Romney’s Roll in the Campaign

who to vote for president in 2012.  She has been openly defending her position as a stay-at-home mom, in an attempt to put focus on family values, while facing opposition from those criticizing her for doing so in a tough economy.

Could Ann Romney help determine who will win for president in 2012?  The female vote is very important to the Romney Campaign, as the stay-at-home mom contingent is among the most likely to make it out to the polls due to their availability on Election Day, November 6th.  With her strong stance on family values, and her husband Mitt’s bid for the presidency.

With the 2012 Election being one of the most diverse candidate crowds ever, from the Democratic views of Barack Obama to the highly conservative, Mormon angle of Mitt Romney, the Stay-At-Home Mom voters will play a large role in determining who will win in 2012.  Due to the down economic times of the past 4 years, many are leaning towards Mitt Romney for a change in the presidential office by voting for the candidate who focuses on Family Values.

The opposing argument is that voting for Obama for president in 2012 will keep the focus on the economy, and let him continue his plan to help the economy recover in the next few years.  While Obama isn’t necessarily known for his Family Values as much as Mitt Romney, you can expect his campaign to feature his wife Michelle and Daughters to combat Romney’s position on this topic, in an attempt to gain more of the Stay-At-home Mother votes.

No official votes from online voting will be counted in the 2012 Presidential Election, but that hasn’t stopped us from building a mechanism that allows you to cast your opinion of who should win electronically.  With our Vote for The President Online tool, you can cast your ballot for who you would like to win the 2012 election now!