Bill Clinton’s Roll in the 2012 Election

Former President Bill Clinton spoke at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) last night in strong favor of Barack Obama.  Clinton stated that he is even more confident in Obama’s ability to run the country now than he was four years ago when he first gave his stamp of approval on the candidate.  During his time in office, Bill Clinton was able to make jobs for the American public and became a favorite among the people of the United States.  He is now using his power as a former leader to help convince voters that Barack Obama is the only logical choice for president over the next four years.

Bill Clinton’s Roll in the 2012 Presidential Election may turn out to be influential and important.  He has gained the confidence and trust of the American people, and his credibility is aiding Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign as Clinton speaks in favor of the President, and has even starred in a commercial backing the democratic nominee for the next four years.

The main message that Clinton tried to convey to the masses in Charlotte, as well as the millions more watching live on tv, was that Barack has a clear cut plan for the country, and if re-elected the American people would be able to watch that plan come to fruition.  Obama inherited a weak economy, terrible job market and struggling foreign policy after eight years from the Bush administration, and has done an incredible job at rebuilding the country, according to Clinton.  Are we better off than we were four years ago?

Always a topic of discussion during election years, and more so when the job market is struggling the way it has in the past decade, the Economy is once again a focus in Obama’s Campaign.  While some cite the current president as the reason the economy hasn’t been booming, many others are supporting Obama due to the fact that we have seen significant improvements over the past four years.  While economic levels are not back where they were during the Clinton presidency of the 1990s, many argue that it takes more than just four years to turn around the mess that former president George W. Bush left office with.

With 50 Million Americans struggling to make ends meet to the point of going hungry, it is no surprise that the economy is a hot topic for the 2012 election.  It is also no surprise that Bill Clinton’s support of President Barack Obama only stands to increase the confidence of voters in the Democratic Party.  Far from the only important topic to be discussed during this year’s campaign race, the economic state of the US will see it’s time in the spotlight during upcoming presidential debates.

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