Clint Eastwood Speech

Staunch Republican, and dedicated Gun Advocate, who you should vote for?

The unfortunate truth is that in most states, it’s already been all but determined who will win the electoral votes based on presidential polls and political history.  There are very few states that fall into the “swing state” category, where voters may actually be able to make a difference in the election on November 6th.  One way that you can bypass the nonsensical act of voting if you live in a state that doesn’t fit into the swing state category is by casting your vote online for the president.

If you intend to vote for the president in 2012, you must first register in the state that you are a resident of, and will be voting in.  As previously mentioned, in many states, voting becomes a moot point because the majority vote is already per-determined and your one vote really won’t make a difference.  Even Clint Eastwood isn’t immune to this rule, but is lucky enough to live in the state of California which almost always uses its electoral votes for the Republican Presidential nominee.

If you’re looking for a fun way to voice your opinion of who you think will win the election in 2012, we suggest saving your time going out to the voting booth on election day, and instead just use our online voting system to show the world you want to win.

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