Presidential Race

It’s still very early to determine who is winning the 2012 Presidential Race, but each candidate is doing their best to gain votes for the upcoming election.  The Caucus race is heating up for the Republican Candidates, while the Democratic nominee is all but decided to be Barack Obama for a second term.  With all of this info, and voters trying to decide who to vote for, who is currently winning the Presidential Race?

The easy answer is “nobody.”  The more complicated, and perhaps more correct answer is that the 2012 election will most likely be won by the candidate who is able to calm the fears that the world is soon coming to an end, as suggested by the end of the Mayan Calendar.  As fears that the world may soon come to an end, with signs that range from Natural Disasters to potential nuclear war with Iran, the 2012 Presidential Candidates have to make voting for them the obvious choice.  Don’t expect the election of 2008 to determine the 2012 election results.

While Barack Obama appears to be winning the Presidential Race, there is still a strong chance that Republican Candidates will end up ruling the White House after the 2012 Election.  The Republican National Convention is still a few months away, which will determine the official candidate for president, but in the mean time, you can still vote for the President Online here first!