President Barack Obama claims that Republican election opponent is suffering from “Romnesia.”  During the first two of three five point tax plan if elected, and has made several statements that simply are not true.  Obama quipped on Friday that Mitt’s “Romnesia” was the reason for his confusion and lies.

With the third and final Presidential Debate taking place on this upcoming Monday, October 22nd, Obama has been on the offensive to gain points in the latest presidential polls.  The President lost the first debate to Romney, but solidly took the victory in the second.  The rubber match is expected to be a heated debate, and millions of Americans will tune in to see if Obama can make his “Romnesia” joke in front of the world wide audience.

One of the biggest gripes that many have had with the first two debates has been the back and forth on Mitt Romney’s tax plan for if he is elected in 2012.  The democrats have said that the Mitt Romney for President campaign has not given any details on how they would cut taxes for the middle class as the Republican candidate has claimed so many times.  Furthermore, independent studies of Romney’s five point tax plan have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that his policy would in fact hurt, and not help the middle class during these difficult economic times.

Just hours after the President’s statement about how Mitt Romney’s “Romnesia” is the cause for his change in character, the term has gone Presidential Election glossary term.  Mud has been thrown in both directions during the 2012 campaigns, but it appears that with under three weeks until election day that Obama may have hit a home run with this one.  Romnesia will still be on the minds of viewers on Monday night during the final Presidential Debate from the all important swing state of Florida.

The two candidates are poised to discuss foreign and domestic policies, while Mitt Romney tries to gain some ground in the polls during his last major opportunity to do so.  Barack Obama is current leading the latest Presidential polls, but have seen his lead slip slightly during the recent debates.  If he can prove that his “Romnesia” comment is backed with facts, he stands a great chance to hold off his opponent and win the 2012 election.

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