Same Sex Marriage

With the recent news of Mitt Romney differ most on, it would be same sex marriage.

While the focus is currently on how Vice President Biden’s comments forced Barack to openly share his opinion on the topic, this storm should quickly blow over, and the focus will return to the actual question at hand.  How does each candidate feel about same sex marriage, and how will it effect the outcome of the presidential election in November?  Obama claims to support gay marriage, while Romney’s religious beliefs overshadow his obvious disapproval of homosexual couples officially tying the knot.

The number of people who support gay marriage continues to increase, as more states change their stance on the question of whether or not their unions will be officially recognized in the eyes of the law.  This has also brought the topic to the forefront of religious heavy states, where many vehemently oppose the idea of two men or women marrying each other.  Will this work out better for Obama, or will Mitt Romney benefit, in the form of votes for the presidential office come November 6th’s election?

With more families becoming aware that one of their loved siblings, children, or relatives are gay, and interested in the right to marry the love of their choice — more people are starting to accept same sex marriages.  While some traditional thoughts are maintained by the highly religious, the population that supports equal rights for gay citizens is increasing daily.  This does not bode well for Mitt Romney, who is counting on the conservative vote for president.

Romney has openly supported his religion, Mormonism, which is less well accepted by the American public than gay marriages at this point.  Not only will his lack of support effect voters decisions, but his religious beliefs will also play a role in how many choose the republican candidate on election day 2012.

Who should you vote for in the 2012 Presidential election is entirely up to you, and who you believe will do the best job running the United States of America.  That being said, do you really want to choose someone who is close minded to change on all fronts, rather than progressively advancing with the rest of the world?  We want to hear from you on this!  Vote for the President Online Now!