Steve Jobs Political Affiliation

Politics and Religion, the two topics that no-one should ever bring up in the work place, are now becoming focal points for the media about the late, great Apple CEO and CoFounder, Steve Jobs.  Steve Jobs died on Wednesday October 5th in the mid afternoon, and word of his death quickly spread via the internet.  Social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter instantly became forums for people to express their deepest condolances for one of the greatest visionaries in history.  If it wasn’t for the visionary genius of Steve Jobs, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, and life may be much different.  

While Steve Jobs drastically changed the world with technology from Apple, he also did his part to contribute politically where possible.  Despite not being a major public supporter of any one presidential candidate over the past several presidential elections, Steve Jobs did make significant contributions to certain political parties in an effort to spread his visions even further.

Jobs was never able to move the political world into the age where people could vote for the president online in 2012, which would have been a massive, yet rewarding undertaking and achievement.   Did Steve Jobs have a political affiliation?  If so, we have to ask the obvious question being that 2012 is an election year.

If Steve Jobs was able to vote for the president in 2012, who would he vote for?  This answer isn’t an easy one to answer, as this is purely educated speculation.  Based on the fact that his company, Apple has thrived, and grown to the largest business in America under the Obama administration, we suggest that he would probably push for his re-election.  A personal billionaire, Steve Jobs was able to grow his company to a level never before seen at Apple with Barak Obama at the helm, leading us to believe that he would Vote for re-election in 2012.

Sure, we could be wrong, and perhaps Steve Jobs political affiliations were kept so private for a reason.  While Obama is the obvious first choice for Steve’s 2012 vote, it does not mean that is definitely who he would have chosen.  Perhaps there is another candidate that the thinks would be more appropriate for growth over the next four year period.  Long live apple.