The Presidential Polls

It’s that time again.  Once every four years, the American Public starts keeping an eye on the Presidential Polls as election day nears ever closer.  The Republican National Convention is coming up next week, we know who the major players are in this years election, and as of now the presidential polls are pretty close to even between the two parties.  It’s that time again.  Candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties will do their best to prove they are the best choice of who to vote for, while slandering the other in media campaigns in an attempt to convince the public that their opponent isn’t qualified to be the President of the United States.

How can you cut through all of the media and get down to the hard facts of what really matters?  Where does each candidate stand on the important topics that matter to you?  Who should you vote for in the 2012 election?  Well, while you spend your next several months watching the news to find out which presidential candidate is in the lead, we want you to ask yourself…

Do Presidential Polls really matter at all?  How accurate are they at predicting who will win the popular vote on November 6th?  Surprisingly, they are incredibly accurate, and typically predict how the electoral college will distribute their votes before the public ever go to the polls to cast their ballots.  Why don’t we just use the pre-election presidential polls to determine who wins the seat, rather than waste time going to our local polling locations?

So many questions, and so few answers.  In reality, your vote doesn’t really matter.  With the way that the government is set up to ignore the popular vote and only pay attention to the electoral votes from each state as a whole, it’s true, your vote doesn’t actually go towards anything in the election.

After hundreds of years, the United States government is still using this electoral voting system despite great advancements in technology making the reason for this system obsolete.  Back in the 18th and 19th century, the electoral college was needed, as many Americans couldn’t educate themselves on who was the best candidate for their way of life.  Now, over two hundred years later, we can find out what the President thinks on a topic, as well as the opinion of all our like minded colleagues at the same time using twitter.  Media has expanded and grown, why hasn’t our government?

Really want your voice to be heard by those who care?  Vote for The President Online right here, and share your opinion through the power of the internet.  Online voting isn’t officially accepted in Presidential Polls or elections as of yet, but this will be good practice for the day that our system finally changes.  When you vote for the president online, you can share your choice for the candidate of your choice without wasting your time of traveling to the official polling locations, and can even vote regardless of your age!  Go ahead!  Vote for the President Online!